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Midas Gen: Analysis of Shear Wall and Slab Building

Summary This training will show a step by step on how to generate, analyze and design the reinforcement of a shear wall and slab building. The first floor of the structure will be imported from CAD files to generate

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Midas Gen: Improvement of post-processing in material nonlinear analysis. Structure wizard of transmission tower. Definition of Loading Area Group

Detail of this Session More info and download trial of midas Gen: http://en.midasuser.com/products/prod... Learning objective: 1. Quick and ...

Expert Tip: How to Perform Time-dependent Analysis

How to Perform Time-dependent Analysis? Mainly there are two ways to perform the time-dependent analysis. One is the time-step analysis and ...

Automation of Refined Grillage Model for Multi-Girder Bridges

In case if you have piles of works waiting for you to return to the office, we want to recommend you to watch Dr. Lin's webinar! During the ...
5 Differences Between Culverts and Bridges

5 Differences Between Culverts and Bridges

If you think about it, CULVERTS are a bit of an anomaly in the structural world. Culverts carry various load types (pedestrian, vehicular, a...

Structural Evaluation of Concrete Slab/T-Beam Bridges

Summary of Session The presentation gave a brief introduction to the bridge load rating and the procedure. It will also cover the structural...