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As of August 22nd, 2019, MIDAS has a total of 240 companies, 1922 offices, and 2636 engineers as clients in the United States and Canada. 

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Best Contributor of the Week


We want to express our appreciation for the following best contributor(s) of the week.

They helped to improve our software by finding bugs or allowing us to share their questions for others in the Forum Knowledgebase page.

While Waleed was working on his project, he found out that some values like short & long term composite section and service lateral bending moment in the steel composite design report did not match with that of the analysis result. After our technical support team investigated his issues, we noticed it was more of a display error and let Waleed know the clarification of the values.


Waleed Rashed, Senior Engineer - Bridges

Parsons - Indianapolis, IN

More about Waleed & the technical issue

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What Our Clients Say


John Brestin

STV VP, National Bridge Practice Leader


At a broad level, the goal is greater synergy across the nation,
more collaboration, less rework, and less learning curve.
Software is a key part of making that happen.

PrePost Engineer 1 - Midkiff AECOM

Doug Midkiff

AECOM Structural Engineer

The Bridge Wizard is a wonderful tool for engineers to efficiently build models and the graphical interface made modeling and reviewing the U-girders and bridge models very easy. We found great power in the program’s ability to model time-dependent properties of concrete as well as construction staging. The ability to import structural features such as girder cross sections and strand and duct profiles expedited our modeling. Defining groups for objects and loads make the construction staging very simple to organize and assign.
Midas provides great technical support and a plethora of training and project specific webinars. The engineers responding to technical questions are prompt, courteous and are experts in the field. The webinars are archived and provide all the information needed to start building models. If you can’t find the info in a webinar, the support personnel are eager to help teach and provide guidance.

PrePost Engineer 2 - Tony Ledesma WSP

Antonio Ledesma

WSP Senior Supervising Engineer

As a user of Midas Civil since 2006, I have been very pleased with the capabilities and features of this structural analysis software.   It has become my go-to software for post-tension bridge modeling, rail-structure interaction analysis, load rating, and grillage model analysis.  The multiple methods for inputting data (user interface, spreadsheet or text editor) and extracting results allows me the flexibility to create and post-process designs efficiently.  Whether I am performing complex construction stage analysis, non-linear behavior or creating custom section properties, I know that Midas Civil is capable of the task.


Ryan Fritz

Burns & McDonnell Senior Structural Engineer

Burns & McDonnell was awarded the design of the new departure level bridge for Delta Airlines Terminal D at LaGuardia Airport.  The departure bridge was a horse shoe shape that included some very complex geometry and even a more complex design.  The design consisted of curved steel girders, post-tensioned straddle bents, and steel box bents.  This was not the ideal project to use and learn a new piece of software.  Midas had so many tutorials on their website and videos on YouTube, learning the new software was much easier than expected.  I was very impressed with how effective their bridge wizards generate the models along with the accuracy of the steel code checks. What I like best about Midas are their monthly webinars that cover tutorials or other consultants talking about how they recently used Midas

"Midas is definitely the leader in structural analysis software for bridges and is likely to remain so for a long while."

Piotr Paczkowski
Michael Baker International , Technical Manager - Structures
"I found Midas Civil to be much easier to navigate than the other FEM software I have used in the past, with many options available to verify and check input and output values."
Andrew Daumueller
Wilson & Company, Structural Engineer
"I was very impressed by the uniqueness of tools in the software. Midas Civil is an outstanding software, very supportive with accuracy, and easy to use."
Suthichai Saelim
HDR, Structural Engineer








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