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With over 240 companies, 1900 offices, and 2600 engineers as clients in North America, we strive to provide high-quality service to every one of our clients. Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and by listening and building relationships with them, we can improve our services and adapt to their needs. Our client's success and growth are our success and growth.

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We have also developed a networking platform for engineers called Midas Expert Network.

MEN connects engineers with other engineers, companies, and government agencies.

It innovates how engineers connect to groups by providing opportunities to market themselves, and

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What our members say

Midas Civil program was used to investigate the lateral response of the structure to investigate pier deflections, modular joint movement, and lateral reactions at abutments. The Initial model was developed using steel composite girder bridge wizard. Midas also has capability for you can define deck pouring sequence and how much you want to pour at positive moment region first, and negative moment region later. It was nice capability. I also want to point out that midas Civil also has composite section properties that considering warping effect, when you select the option, you will get a better representation of the warping stiffness of the system.


Atalay Yargicoglu
Stanley Consultants

I have been using the midas Gen program for more than 6 years, since January 2011. I like the way views are handled in MIDAS, the assignment of sections, materials, etc. The management of floor load assignment, node loads, lateral loads, spectral loads, etc. Automatic generation of floors. The auto-mesh is a very powerful and useful tool. The presentation of the results in graphical form and in tables. The projects that are usually managed are seismic vulnerability studies, rehabilitation, concrete buildings, steel structures. It is very versatile, simple and complex projects can be handled with ease. It has good support and literature online.


Ernesto González Restrepo
Soliflex Ingeniería Civil, Colombia

MIDAS GTS NX has been used for underground excavation models, consolidation models and slope stability. midas GTS NX environment present simpler functions that allow us to establish models more quickly The need arose to perform a static analysis (linear and non-linear) and a dynamic analysis (time-history) in order to obtain displacements and stress deformation of structures. midas GTS NX platform was also used on the recommendation of external colleagues. Likewise, the improvement of the method in this new version gives us greater versatility to make the necessary models. The functionalities that are remarkable in the program are the automatic meshing, the geometry, which is easier to build in 3D and the ease of importing a geometry from Auto-cad. Regarding projects, for those related to Slope Stability. The projects related to massive excavations and Consolidation analysis have been applied in midas GTS NX, a 3D tool. I would recommend this tool, since it has a more versatile environment to perform complex geometries, in addition to its speed to solve dynamic and static analysis models by construction stages.

midas GTSNX

Gisel Véliz
Cesel Ingenieros, Peru

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