Midas Gen: Analysis of Shear Wall and Slab Building

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Author: Angel Francisco Martinez

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021




This training will show a step by step on how to generate, analyze and design the reinforcement of a shear wall and slab building. The first floor of the structure will be imported from CAD files to generate

meshes of the slab and walls. The structure will be finalized using automatic functions to make copies of the floors. Finally, it will be shown how the program has the capacity to check and design the reinforcement of slabs and walls by several methods.


Wall Meshes



Key points

Importing DXF files
Generation of slab mesh with Automesh (Regular Slabs, Waffle Slabs and Posttensioned Slabs) Generation of wall mesh
Applying Springs to the slab
Optimized reinforcement bar design
Optimal slab design
Detailed drawing of walls



Automesh Sample




Presentation Slides










Speaker :  Angel Francisco Martinez

Category : Building

Software : midas Gen

Date : 2017-04-20



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