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Midas Expert Network is a networking platform that innovates the way engineers connect and learn from other engineers. We develop a mutually beneficial relationship between engineers to improve their skills and grow their careers. With Midas Expert Network, engineers will have opportunities to learn from our Expert Engineers through our events and resources like a webinar, 1:1 consultation, Q&A session, workshop, learning tutorial, and many more.

Engineers will also have opportunities to market themselves and their companies, increase potential business opportunities by networking with high-profile companies and government agencies, and access technical resources made by other engineers. Connect, learn, and grow with Midas Expert Network!


Our mission is to build a network of engineers in the civil engineering and construction industry for exchanging knowledge, experience, know-how, and expertise. From engineers to engineers.


Our Expert Engineers are top in their field and highly skilled in Midas software. They will share their expertise and experience through our events and resources to help other engineers improve their skills. By joining the Midas Expert Network you can connect, collaborate, discuss, and learn with our Expert Engineers.

Dr. Lee

Seungwoo Lee, Ph.D., P.E., S.E

Senior Supervising Engineer
WSP USA (Tampa, FL)

Amir B (1)

Amir Botros Ph.D,P.E.,

Senior Structural Engineer III
Atkinsrealis (Austin, TX)


Yanling Leng

Chief Bridge Engineer & Associate Principal
IMEG (Sioux Falls, SD)

Daniel M

Daniel E. Mariscal, P.E.

Structural Discipline Specialist 
Jabobs (Tampa, FL)

Daniel B

Daniel Baxter, P.E., S.E.

Senior Bridge Engineer/Bridge Department Manager
Michael Baker (Minneapolis, MN)


Hatem Seliem, Ph.D., P.E. PMP

Structural/Bridge Engineer Director
WSP (Tallahassee, FL)


Yun Lin Ph.D., P.E.

Bridge Load Rating Lead at Gresham Smith (Nashville, TN)


Anoosh Shamsabadi, PhD., P.E.

Senior Bridge Engineer
Caltrans (El Dorado Hills, CA)

What Can I Do with The Network?

What our members say

The MIDASoft Expert Network provides a great space for collaboration and connecting to the exact expertise that is needed for complex and specialized analysis in addition to introductory training and guidance.  More than ever, this service is important to get the right information in the hands of engineers and ensure accurate and appropriate applications of analysis methods and codes.

Tom Less PE, SE, ENV SP
Vice President at Siefert Associates

MIDASoft helped me get connected with one of the MIDASoft Experts, Haze from Langan Services with 5 years of experience in midas GTS NX software. Through an 1-hour web session, I was able to gain thorough overview of seismic analysis of underground structures and get answers to my questions.


Andrew Ritter, PE
Specialist of Underground Structures at The California Department of Transportation

I requested a demonstration and within days an online meeting was arranged that included a midas Civil overview and a presentation by Tom Less of the Expert Network. The information that Tom presented was relevant to our projects at Siefert and it was clear that the MIDASoft team had chosen a great pairing. I also received unsolicited feedback from Jose Calisto da Silva of the Expert Network regarding one of our other software contenders. It's clear that the MIDASoft community believes in their products and each other.


Carl M. Duan
Specialist of Underground Structures at The California Department of Transportation

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