Our Story


In 1989, the MIDAS team was formed to resolve engineering issues by developing software within the steel company. MIDAS saw the importance of engineering software to ensure safety and performance. Since then, MIDAS believes providing better technology for engineers will ultimately contribute to people's happiness around the world. With this belief, MIDASoft was established in August of 2000. Initially, midas Gen and Civil software were introduced to serve structural engineers.Today, MIDASoft continues to empower engineers in the bridge, building, geotechnical and mechanical industry, and more.


History of MIDASoft

Best FEA software for bridges


MIDAS team was formed within POSCO, one of the largest steel maker.

Best structural engineering software


MIDAS Information Technology Co, Ltd was established in South Korea.

Structural engineering software


MIDASoft, Inc. was established to serve United States and Canada.

Bridge engineering software


MIDASoft S.A.S was established in Colombia to serve Latino America.


Core Technology

Bridge design softwareBest FEA software for bridges


We hold the world's leading technology in the core engineering analysis fields such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis, and optimal design. 700MIDASoft global team members strive to serve engineers around the world.

  • Intuitive user interface for pre & post-processing
  • Advanced graphic rendering for structure model
  • 3D simulation technology for FEA analysis
  • Solver development for various analysis algorithm  
  • Solver performance improvement for faster analysis
  • Customized Design standard and local material DB


Why engineers choose MIDASoft?

Engineers from HDR, Tutor Perini, and GM2 explain their experience with MIDASoft, including applying the software for engineering practices. The engineers also explain how MIDASoft was able to provide first-rate technical support, which answered their queries and provided opportunities for them to learn based on their needs.



Project Application

Ironton-Russell Bridge
Weirton-Steubenville Bridge
Pearl Harbor Memorial Bridge
Stonecutters Bridge