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Bridge, Geotechnical, Mechanical, and Building Engineering

MIDAS' state of the art technology solutions ensures your company's productivity into a new dimension. Expand your business areas through MIDAS solutions and services. MIDAS can help your organization to enhance the technical capabilities. We build our success on your success.

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MIDAS Total Service System

Our Clients' Success is Our Success


Our clients are what matters to us. Learn more about our product customization, 1:1 technical support, technical materials, and technical events to find the best method that works for you.

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MIDAS Philosophy
Naturalistic Humanism

Pursuit of Human Happiness through Scientific Understanding of Human Nature & Natural Laws

The purpose of MIDAS' management is to foster the natural talents of people and to provide them the right motivation by encouraging voluntary and autonomous involvement. Therefore, enhance the total happiness of society, organizations, and humans. 

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What  We  Do


MIDAS develops and distributes engineering software and provides total solution service for civil and mechanical engineering and construction. 

We hold the world's top technology in the core engineering analysis fields such as computer graphics simulation, advanced analysis and optimal design. MIDAS Family Programs have been applied to all the engineering and industrial applications for the safety and economic feasibility analysis and they holds the largest market share in the world's construction field. MIDAS has the vision to grow as the global engineering solution developer and distributor. MIDAS will continuously devote itself to create the standard technology of the world.  

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MIDAS   Learning


Grow your expertise. Maximize your potential.

MIDAS provides a wide range of free training resources - videos, documents, and model files from training sessions and project application presentations.

Not only improve your MIDAS software skills but also expand your project knowledge by watching other engineers' project experiences.



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