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Hatem M. Seliem
October 02, 2019

Structural Evaluation of Concrete Slab/T-Beam Bridges

Summary of Session
The presentation gave a brief introduction to the bridge load rating and the procedure. It will also cover the structural evaluation of the concrete slab and concrete T-Beam bridge through load testing and refined analysis. Hatem explains how he utilized the various features that midas Civil offers that allow engineers to model everything in one platform including beam modeling, shell modeling, and solid modeling, and soil-structure interaction.




Presentation Slides


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Project Information
1) Concrete Slab Bridge
2) Concrete T-Beam Bridge



Key Points
1) Boundary Conditions

2) Two-way Bending Action

3) Load Posting / Load Rating

4) Beam/Shell/Solid Modeling in One

5) Soil Structure Interaction






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