Automation of Refined Grillage Model for Multi-Girder Bridges

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Author: Yun Lin

Publish Date: 14 Jan, 2020



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In case if you have piles of works waiting for you to return to the office, we want to recommend you to watch Dr. Lin's webinar! During the presentation, Dr. Lin will guide you through Bridge Automation that will make your current modeling & design process in Midas Civil more efficient. A must-learn-skill for MIDAS users or high-productivity-seekers!


Key Points - How Can Bridge Automation Benefits Engineers:

  • Significantly simplify required user input
  • Reduce modeling time to a few minutes
  • Reduce or eliminate time required for debugging Errors
  • Better use engineers time


  • The key benefits
  • How does the automation program work with midas Civil


Yun Lin, PhD

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