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MIDASoft bridge library containing project case studies, practical applications, and engineer presentations.

Midas Gen: Analysis of Shear Wall and Slab Building

Summary This training will show a step by step on how to generate, analyze and design the reinforcement of a shear wall and slab building. The first floor of the structure will be imported from CAD files to generate

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Webinar: Soil Foundation Structure Interaction and Ground Motion Selection

Structural dynamic using the beam-spring model and non-linear time history analysis is currently recognized as one of the most accurate tool...

Structural Evaluation of Concrete Slab/T-Beam Bridges

Summary of Session The presentation gave a brief introduction to the bridge load rating and the procedure. It will also cover the structural...

Do we really know the foundation performance during liquefaction?

In 2010, the M8.8 Maule Chile earthquake impacted most of central Chile. It was catastrophic to say to least resulting in over 500 lives los...

All-In-One Super & Sub Structure Design

Every structural system includes a load transfer from the superstructure to the ground. The group of elements used to make that transfer is ...

Accurate 3D Substructure Design

Why 3D substructure analysis and design? Accurate 3D Substructure Analysis and Design Simple 1 or 2D analysis is frequently used, but it oft...