Midas Gen: Analysis and Design of RC Building

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Author: Angel Francisco Martinez

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021







This tutorial will show how to analyze and design a reinforced concrete building subjected to floor, wind and seismic loads. The structure will be modeled by importing CAD files for different sections of the structure as well as using automatic functions to copy symmetrical floors. Finally, the training will cover how the program can design reinforcement bars of sections like columns and footings as well as how it can interact with Design Plus to obtain the optimum design of the section and its detailed drawings.

Presentation Slides






3D Graphical Model

Key points

Importing DXF files
Modeling of reinforced concrete sections (beams, columns, walls)
Dual reinforced wall and moment frame system
Optimized reinforcement bar design
Link with Design Plus for optimum footing section design
Detailed CAD drawing of footing


Design Plus Sample

DXF Diagram












Export Reactions and Structure to GTS NX


Key Points

Application of different boundary conditions
Export Structure to GTS NX
Export reactions to GTS NX
Generation of soil springs in Gen
Optimal design of steel sections





Speaker :  Angel Francisco Martinez

Category : Building

Software : midas Gen

Date : 2017-03-23



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