Midas Gen: Steel Building Design Comparison (Fixed vs Soil Springs)

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Author: Angel Francisco Martinez

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021



MIDAS GEN has a new interface with MIDAS GTS NX, 3D geotechnical software, which allows the import/ export of the structure and results for the calculation of soil springs considering more real field conditions.

The training will cover 2 parts.
1. The first part will cover the process of generating the soil springs in Gen based on results of the structure in GTS NX. We will show the export structure and reactions to GTS NX for soil structure interaction, and then import of soil springs to Gen created from the results in GTS NX.
2. The second part will cover a comparison between the same model under 2 different boundary conditions including key results and optimal design of steel sections. The comparison will be between fixed boundary condition and soil springs created by interaction with GTS NX.


Presentation Slides







Fixed Boundary, Export Reactions and Structure to GTS NX, Export Displacements to Excel to get Soil Spring Stiffness


Key Points

Application of different boundary conditions
Export Structure to GTS NX
Export reactions to GTS NX
Generation of soil springs in Gen
Optimal design of steel sections





Speaker :  Angel Francisco Martinez

Category : Building

Software : midas Gen

Date : 2017-06-22




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