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Midas GTS NX: The Future of Ontario's Transit Network

To date, the Eglinton Crosstown Transit project, a 19-kilometer light rail line, was budgeted as the most expensive infrastructure project i...

Do we really know the foundation performance during liquefaction?

In 2010, the M8.8 Maule Chile earthquake impacted most of central Chile. It was catastrophic to say to least resulting in over 500 lives los...

Validation of Current Seismic Design Nonlinear Time History Analysis

Anoosh Shamsabadi Tom Ostrom, Office of Earthquake Engineering, California Department of Transportation, Sacramento, CA Ertugrul Taciroglu C...

WSG-Type Modular Expansion Joints

A study into the structural behaviour of modular expansion joints of Sollinger Hütte

Seismic Analysis & Structure Study

Video Clip Seismic Analysis Overview - Seismic Design Process 0:00 - 1:43 - Basic Requirements 1:43 - 2:35 - Compliance Criteria 2:35 - 3:35...

Rail Structure Interaction using Nonlinear Analysis

Project Summary Project Name: California High Speed Rail - CP 2-3 Project Location: Fresno to Bakersfield Corridor - California Engineering ...