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MIDASoft bridge library containing project case studies, practical applications, and engineer presentations.

Structural Irregularity and Geometric Complexity

The purpose of this training is to address how model a complex structure with unconventional bridge structures, geometric irregularities and complex construction sequences.

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Session 5 - Precast/Splice Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

Click here to download the model and wizard files Purpose of the Training The purpose of the training is to show the most effective ways to ...

Introduction to Cable Stayed Bridge Modeling and Analysis

Video Clip Spine Beam Modeling 5:17 - 5:43 Cable Modeling 5:43 - 6:58 Multi-Scale Modeling 6:58 - 7:48 Modeling Demonstration 9:48 - 13:03 A...

Live Load Analysis Training

Purpose of the Training The purpose of this training is to address how to perform moving load analysis for any bridge type. Attendees will g...

Seismic Analysis & Structure Study

Video Clip Seismic Analysis Overview - Seismic Design Process 0:00 - 1:43 - Basic Requirements 1:43 - 2:35 - Compliance Criteria 2:35 - 3:35...

AASHTO Design & Load Rating (Steel Bridge example)

Purpose of the Training The purpose of this training is to address how to perform design check and load rating in steel composite bridge. At...

Prestressed Concrete Girder Composite Bridge:  Training

Design Check, Excel reports and Load Rating in midas Civil will be beneficial if you had one of the following experiences: 1) You have used ...

Prestressed Concrete Girder Composite Bridge: Wizard Application

Overview of the Concrete Composite Girder Bridge Application in midas Civil MIDAS has recently developed and implemented the modeling wizard...

Steel Composite Bridge: Wizard Application for Complex Geometry Bridge

Purpose of the Training MIDAS implemented the modeling wizard for steel plate girder composite bridge applications. The modeling wizard is c...