Session 5 - Precast/Splice Prestressed Concrete Girder Bridge

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Author: Angela Kim

Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2018





Click  here  to  download  the  model  and  wizard  files

Purpose of the Training
The purpose of the training is to show the most effective ways to work on precast/splice prestressed concrete composite girder bridges. During this training, the new wizard – Pre/Post Tension Composite Girder Bridge wizard - will be introduced and used to model various types of pc bridges.

Featured Topics
1. New Pre/Post Tension Composite Girder Bridge wizard
• Splice type & precast type applications
• Box-, U-, I- girder type applications
• Simple tendon definition
• Staging – post-tensioning for splice girder application considered
2. Analysis Results – stress, tendon loss, stress limit check, etc


Pre/Post Tensioning Composite Girder Bridge Wizard

Various modelling examples using pre stressed composite girder wizard


Who Should Attend
If you have prestressed composite girder bridge projects...
If you have used the steel composite bridge wizard of midas Civil and wondering if the same wizard application is available for psc composite bridges...
If you have any of the below concerns or questions...
1. Used to do manual modeling for psc composite applications in midas Civil
2. Looking for a solution to quickly model psc composite bridges
3. Want to extend the use of midas Civil to any bridge application including the PSC bridge application

Benefits of this Webinar
In the past, the psc composite bridges were modeled using the manual methodologies in midas Civil. Just like the steel composite bridge wizard, the pre/post tensioning composite girder bridge wizard is newly developed and added in midas Civil 2016 Version 1.1. Please join us and learn about the most effective way to apply psc composite bridge application.





Speaker :  Angela Kim

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-09-10



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