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midas GTS NX - TBM in Soft Soil

on Nov 8, 2018 10:14:48 AM By | MIDASoft | 0 Comments | midas GTS NX
  We’d like to invite you to our upcoming technical webinar. Midas is presenting on a popular tunnel excavation method and support system design with our cutting-edge geotechnical 3D software GTS NX.   S U M M A R Y This webinar showed how to use the Finite Element Method (FEM) to simulate the staged construction of a tunnel by a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) in soft soil. The tunnel support system has double lining, prefabricated segments and sliding formwork. The webinar also discussed important issues of excavating tunnels on soft soil, like the effect of regional subsidence. Lastly, it covered why consolidation analysis was done to account for pore pressure reduction through drains.        
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Complex Bridge Load Rating / Webinar I : Load Rating Workflow

on Nov 7, 2018 9:39:45 AM By | MIDASoft | 0 Comments | midas Civil
      Load rating is a type of project that most bridge engineers work on at one point. Although people often misunderstand it is easy to complete due to working on existing structure, finding accurate values like demand-capacity ratio, influence lines, and rating factors can be troublesome, especially when the bridge has unique or irregular geometries. Michael Baker and MIDAS accomplished on various complex load rating projects successfully by combining Michael Baker's techniques and MIDAS' technology. Therefore, with various bridge project applications, Michael Baker engineers will guide you in handling complex steel and concrete bridge load rating projects with different approaches.  
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Dynamic Analysis of High Speed Rail Bridges (HS2)

on Oct 24, 2018 11:25:17 AM By | MIDASoft | 0 Comments | midas Civil
      Why is High Speed Rail important for bridge engineers? How does North America keep up with the increasing traffic demand in heavily populated cities? The most common solution is to expand freeways and/or build new interchanges. However, data shows these solutions have little to no impact on traffic conditions in major cities, in most cases actually increasing congestion. Therefore, demands for High-Speed Rail (HSR) as an alternative transportation has become an increasingly popular option. True high-speed trains have the speed of over 200 mph and they bring new and dynamic problems to the rail bridge design. Sneak peek the engineering problems and solutions for the High Speed Two project by Arcadis UK.
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