MIDAS IT has accomplished impracticable tasks,

overcoming the difficult environment of the CAE industry in Korea.


By using engineering simulation technology based on our own techniques through high-tech graphics,

we have been developing as the biggest company that offers CAE software solution to the world. 



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Business Area


Software Business

- CAE simulation software development in construction and mechanical engineering fields

- Medical & ergonomic engineering


Engineering Consulting

- Specialized design and structural analysis in construction and plant 

- Specialized & CFD analysis of machinery and infrastructure


Web Solution Business

- HR software such as branded customizable recruiting website and neuroscience based

talent assessment

- Cross-media marketing and CG & visual exhibition business


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MIDAS IT Philosophy


MIDAS IT always advances in the right direction to do the right things right.

Our mission is to provide the world with utilitarian values that support human pursuit of happiness with our creative technology.


The purpose  of MIDAS IT's management is to foster the natural talents of people, and to provide them the right motivation by encouraging voluntary and

autonomous involvement, in order to help them enhance the total happiness of society, organizations and humans.



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MIDAS Global Network


MIDAS IT always advances to the world to become a bridge connecting engineers to the world by providing true value and better life through creative technology.



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