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midas FEA NX is state of the art software which defines a new paradigm for advanced nonlinear and detail analysis for civil and structural engineering applications. It is specialized for refined method analysis, which is required by design codes for complex geometry. midas FEA NX's unique capabilities make it possible to efficiently model complex structures with plate and solid elements instead of using 1D elements to simplify your model. Thus you will be able to perform local analysis for elements and obtain in-depth and highly accurate calculations that are essential for projects that require refined method analyses.



Advanced Design Precision

Extraordinary solutions that will revolutionize your refined analysis


High-end projects with complex geometry and loading pose a variety of unique challenges for engineers.

It is essential to use refined analysis methods since conventional methods are not accepted by design codes for these projects.

These difficulties have caused engineers to use finite element software for these analyses.

However, the limited functionality of these programs has caused engineers to typically convert

their finite element models into 1D elements in an effort to save time and effort.

This leads to a significant reduction of the accuracy of the calculations as well as designs that are over-conservative.



midas FEA NX has been specifically designed to overcome all of these challenges.

It's advanced functionality enables you to create highly detailed models with plate and solid elements that

produce equally precise and reliable results. With midas FEA NX you will be able to perform high-end analyses with

unprecedented levels of confidence and efficiency. You will also be able to greatly expand your range of design capabilities.

Projects that may have been beyond your scope will now be attainable since midas FEA NX greatly expedites work processes that

previously required exorbitant amounts of time and effort to complete. Engineers have widely used midas FEA NX for projects

such as plain and  reinforced concrete structures, concrete damage and cracking, plain and reinforced masonry structures,

composite structures, steel structures, foundations, and offshore structures.









Optimized Steel Design

Elevate your steel design to even higher standards


Steel design has multiple key applications that require the use of solid and plate elements to perform analyses that

are acceptable for design codes. Steel connections in particular require local analysis of elements to calculate deformations and

failure conditions. With midas FEA NX you can use plate elements to simulate both friction and bearing connections.

The use of plate elements enables you to analyze the behavior of the steel bolts and plates as they are subjected to varying levels of tension.

The results generated are substantially more accurate than those generated by idealizations and models that only use 1D elements.

Thus you will be able to create designs that are both meet design codes and are optimized and economical.


Certain steel design projects also require analysis of steel beam for buckling and torsional failure criteria.

These analyses can only be performed through finite element analysis with plate elements, which can be particularly

cumbersome to run on software programs that are not specifically designed for the extensive use of plate elements.

midas FEA NX 's specialized functionality  enables you to create plate element models of steel girders and columns with

a fraction of the time and effort required by other programs.








Unequaled Capabilities for Concrete Analysis


Concrete design made simpler, faster, and more realistic than ever before


midas FEA NX is equipped to handle cracking analysis for concrete structures.

Through the use of 3D solid elements, you can generate models that will simulate critical conditions for large

concrete structures subjected to rigorous loading. The program's solver accounts for nonlinear behavior of the concrete

over a 3D area with multiple loading patterns and  thus calculates detailed crack patterns for each case specified.

midas FEA NX simulates partial, full open, closed, discrete, smeared, and burgeoning crack types.

It is also equipped with reinforcement analysis functions that enable it to account for the impact of rebar

in the tensile behavior of concrete structures. These highly specialized capabilities will enable you to handle

a wider range of concrete analysis and will eliminate the need to rely on overly conservative models.










Streamlined Functionality for Cable Anchor and Pylon Design 


The versatility to design even the most specialized connections 



The cables of suspension and cable-stayed bridges are connected to the bridge deck by cable anchors of steel and

reinforced concrete. These connections must be analyzed in detail with solid elements in order to properly calculate

critical conditions and safety factors. The complex geometry of these connections make them especially difficult to model accurately with

conventional finite element analysis programs. midas FEA NX's advanced modeling functionality enables you to easily create

solid elements that precisely simulate  the actual project elements in shape and behavior.

midas FEA NX includes functions that make it possible to analyze intricacies of the material connections that are necessary

for calculating friction, cracking, and stresses that contribute to failure. Thus you will be able to do the design work for

any type of structural connection. These bridge wizards also contribute to higher quality results.

The wizards enable engineers to create complex models with unprecedented ease and accuracy;

thus the possibility for modeling errors is greatly reduced and the results will be more accurate and reliable as well.







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