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midas Civil is one of the top 5 Bridge Design & Analysis Software that combines the ease of modeling with exclusive analysis features, making modeling and designing efficient for engineers. Our engineering software provides handy features for simpler bridges and flexibility to deal with complex geometry - combining all important features of bridge analysis software and bridge design software.

It includes various design codes that become very useful for engineers looking for optimized designs. midas Civil will lighten your work and make bridge design more accessible through midas bridge design software. So, let's explore what your best partner can do for you.











It's important to find trustworthy bridge structural analysis software, especially for engineers, who spend most of their time designing and analyzing structures.

They need engineering software that helps them with their day-to-day simple bridges but also facilitates them with complex bridges when the need arises. This is what makes midas Civil the best partner for structural bridge engineers.











 Quick Access 

User-Friendly GUI

A Graphical User Interface can be directly linked with an engineer's flexibility to perform modeling and make changes to that. The GUI of midas Civil is designed so a user feels full liberty and ease while performing bridge modeling. Our user-oriented input/output functions offer excellent facilities and productivity for the modeling and analysis of various bridge structures ranging from simple to complex ones.

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 Minimized Workloads 

Intuitive Modeling

midas Civil provides the user with unlimited and efficient modeling methods for any project. Manual modeling? Wizard? Data exchange? Everything can be found in midas Civil. Creating nodes and elements, like CAD programs, as a conventional modeling approach. Bridge-oriented features like Bridge Wizards are Bridge engineers' favorites. The Bridge Wizards can create a complete bridge model for you in the blink of an eye, and one can make any modification to the model, hence providing full liberty to the engineer. Other efficient approaches, such as CAD import, table format modeling, and code format modeling are also available.

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 Easy Analysis 

Complete Analysis Options

No additional programs are needed. As one of the best structural analysis and design software, midas Civil performs all the essential analyses required for primary bridges, like moving Load Analysis, Construction Stage Analysis, Eigen Value analysis, and Linear and Non-Linear Analysis. But when the need arises for high-end analysis for complex bridges like Buckling Analysis, Cable Force Tuning, Rail Structure Interaction, and Settlement Analysis, that can also be easily performed in the software. Therefore, providing a stable platform to bridge engineers for their daily use to their high-end use.

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 Result Interpretation Done Right 

Powerful Post Processor

The post-processor can automatically create load combinations by specified design standards. Changing the type of display can produce various forms of graphic output. The results can be practically animated, like node shapes, time history, and static analysis results. midas Civil also provides results that are compatible with MS Excel, which enables result extraction easily, and the user can review all analysis and design results systematically.

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curved steel composite bridge design



 Optimized Designs 

Auto Design and Load Rating

As a top structural engineering software, midas Civil has inbuilt design code checking and load rating features. AASHTO LRFD & LRFR, CHBDC CSA, EUROCODE, and other codes are available. The codes are constantly updated to ensure the users can best take advantage of the code-checking and rating features in the program. The automatic report generation features give the users an organized and detailed report that includes formulas and code references, which gives users confidence in their results and becomes their best partner in bridge design.

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What do you like best?

Midas lends a much convenient approach towards design and analysis of structures. The user-friendly interface saves ample time. That is wasted on other platforms by searching for different commands.
Arpit Sethi

Arpit Sethi

Project Controls Analyst II at AECOM

What do you like best?

Various bridge design codes are incorporated in the software both local and international codes. technical support is quick and reliable. Calculations are detailed and can be counterchecked easily through manual calculation. Provides a lot of free seminars.
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David John Sandoval

Civil Engineer - Structural at DCCD Engineering

What do you like best?

On serving engineering advices or solutions for technical alternatives, it helps me to convince the client and easy to apply the latest up dated design code to provide provide logical results in calculation sheets.

SeungKwon Scott JEUN

Principal Research Engineer at KIT Valley



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