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Take your Midas Civil skills to the next level with the free online learning courses.
E-Learning provides options to learn from self-paced courses to step-by-step video courses.
All professionals who are interested in learning bridge skills are welcome to join.

MIDAS CIVIL is a simple yet powerful tool to help you successfully design a bridge.
Find the process that best fits your workflow. Learn the key concepts and keep track
of your progress as you go through each lesson. Sign up, View, and Learn!


MIDAS e-Learning





Self-Learning Courses

Learn at your pace to understand the best practices for bridge projects workflow. Tips and guides while using MIDAS CIVIL with steps and simple how-to steps. 

  • Fundamentals of getting started.
  • Hands-on exercises.
  • FAQs and solutions. 
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Feature Courses

Those familiar with numerical modeling and looking to utilize specific features within MIDAS CIVIL to complete their project. Introducing everything from basic concepts to 

  • Concise break-down of features.
  • Tutorials for each function.
  • Tips to help you along the way. 
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Guided Courses

Introduces guided paths to learn key MIDAS concepts with standard bridge types. This course is geared towards those who have never used 3D numerical analysis tools. 

  • Modeling to analysis review.
  • Step-by-step video and PDF.
  • Opportunities to speak with experts.
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