Webinar: Tips for Managing Data for Bridge Analysis Results

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Author: Zachary Taylor

Publish Date: 28 Dec, 2020

How do you navigate through the bridge analysis data to help you report your output? How do you document the output clearly so that your analysis is easy to be reviewed? How do you identify the data you need to complete your design or analysis? In this webinar, Zac Taylor P.E., structural engineer from Kimley-Horn, will be giving out some tips for managing data from analysis results. He will show you his way of organizing data from midas Civil output and interpret the analysis output efficiently.




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The content of this presentation

  • Purpose
  • Advantages of Clear Documentation
  • Midas Documentation Tools
    • Groups
    • Results Tables
    • Dynamic Report Generator
    • Excel Reports
    • Moving Load Tracer
    • Beam Detail Analysis
  • Examples
  • Q&A

Speaker Information


Zac Taylor, P.E.


Zac Taylor is an experienced structural engineer with years of professional experience. He has worked for Michael Baker International, J-U-B Engineers and currently working at Kimley-Horn. He is skilled in structural engineering and has been working on so many projects to manage concept, layout, design, detailing, specifications and construction documents for many structural and roadway projects.


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