midas FEA NX: Buckling Analysis for Slender Structural Members

midas FEA NX , FEA , Buckling Analysis , Structural Members , Nonlinear Buckling Analysis , Geometric Nonlinearity , Parametric Analysis .

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Author: JC Sun

Publish Date: 16 Mar, 2022

Buckling analysis for slender structural membersIn this MIDAS Intro Session, our MIDAS engineer introduced the underlying principles of buckling analysis, ways to interpret the modal analysis results, as well as provided recommendations and examples on more efficient approaches in conducting buckling analysis using commercial FEA software. The session covers the following points: 

  • Overview of linear bifurcation buckling analysis
  • Modal analysis to provide eigenvalues
  • How to associate the eigenvalues with the applied load and the mode shapes
  • Nonlinear buckling analysis considering geometric nonlinearity
  • Automating plate buckling analysis using parametric analysis

Download presentation file here: 

Presentation Slides


For more questions, you can email JC at jsun@midasoft.com


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