midas FEA NX: Heat Transfer and Heat of Hydration Analysis

Thermal Analysis , Detailed Analysis , Construction stage analysis , Nonlinear analysis , compressive strength gain , boundary nonlinearity , midas FEA NX , boundary conditions , Meshing , Finite Element Analysis , creep coefficient , material nonlinearity , heat transfer , concrete hydration heat , convection , conduction , heat of hydration .

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Author: JC Sun

Publish Date: 28 Dec, 2021


This webinar shows Midas FEA NX's capability in simulating heat transfer within the structure and the heat of hydration analysis with the time-dependent effect. The webinar covers the following points

  • Determine the time-dependent temperature distribution and heat transfer characteristics for structures exposed to high temperatures
  • Thermal stress analysis considering heat transfer phenomena such as conduction, convection.
  • Perform linear analysis considering the variance in material characteristics (intensity, specific heat, conductivity) with respect to temperature. 
  • Heat transfer analysis by convection, conduction of the concrete hydration heat 
  • User general data to perform a parametric analysis
  • Model high order elements to obtain accurate results (output result: nodal temperature, nodal displacement, element stress/strain, heat flux, heat flow, temperature display, crack index)

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Thermal Analysis and Concrete Heat of Hydration in Midas FEA NX


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