Integral Abutment Bridge Design with Soil Structure Interaction

Load Rating , Project Application , Steel Composite , Soil Structure Interaction , AASHTO .

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Author: Suthichai Saelim

Publish Date: 9 Nov, 2018

Purpose of the Webinar
This session would cover an excellent example for multi-span extradosed bridge. The discussion would cover topics like construction methodology adopted to reduce the construction duration and economizes the overall cost as well as, construction constraints such as tidal conditions and weather. Also, a brief on how bridge progress till date substantiates the importance of sound efforts in planning, design, and management.


Are you interested in a tutorial for soil structure interaction? Follow along with the model files below.

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Bridge Design Drawings





Presentation Slides





Purpose of the Webinar
Suthichai of HDR will share his experience on the fruit street bridge replacement project using midas Civil. He will demonstrate some technical remarks regarding MassDOT's design criteria for Integral Abutment bridges (IAB). Furthermore, he will demonstrate how he utilized midas Civil for review the entire structure behavior and design results including the soil structure interaction effects. His demonstration will focus on (1) how to set up, analyze and design the entire structure model, (2) how to apply complex soil spring data automatically, and (3) how to get Wood Armer moments for the shell-modeled abutment wall design.


Project Highlights
Replacement of the concrete Tee/I girder bridge to steel plate I girder integral abutment bridge
- Why Integral Abutment Bridge (IAB) is MassDOT's #1 choice
MASSDOT's design criteria
- MassDOT IAB design & analysis
- IAB Load, load factor and load combination
- IAB pile, wingwall, and abutment design


 Substructure Section Views

Substructure Section Views


Technical Highlights

Steel Bridge Wizard

(Easy modeling of the initial model)

Steel Bridge Wizard - Initial Model


Soil Spring Generator Wizard
(automatic nonlinear/compression soil spring generation for piles and walls)

Soil Spring Generator Wizard



Behavior of the entire structure
(superstructure - pier - abutment - pile)

Behavior of the entire structure


Wood Armer Moment Calculation
(Transforms triads plate moments (Mx , My , Mxy) to bi-axial beam moments for rebar design)

Wood Armer Moment Calculation


Design code check as per AASHTO
(automatic code check and Excel report generation for the superstructure (steel plate concrete slab composite girder), concrete substructure (pier, pier cap, & drilled shafts),

and steel substructure members (H pile)


Design Code Check as per AASHTO









Speaker :  Suthichai Saelim

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2017-05-11



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