Curved Steel-Box Girder Bridge Load Rating

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Author: Pankaj Shrestha

Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2018







 In our past webinar, Pankaj Shrestha of GM2 Associates, Inc. shared his experience on bridge load rating using Midas Civil. He demonstrated how to use Midas civil to model curved steel box girder bridges as well as go over the procedure he followed to perform load rating. Last but not least, he discussed the modeling of end diaphragms with plate elements, the use of elastics links, and how to verify load rating results with analysis and design output.


Purpose of the Webinar
The purpose of this webinar was to delineate how engineers actually use midas Civil for their local bridge projects. The objective of load rating was to present the live load carrying capacity of the bridge. Midas Civil provides advanced modeling and analysis tools for tasks which need complex analysis of different components. Its user-friendly graphical interface with bridge-engineering-specific capabilities enables engineers to perform complex modeling and analysis with unprecedented levels of ease and efficiency.


Presentation Slides





Featured Topics

• Modeling of curved steel-tub girder
• Modeling of end diaphragm
• Steel Code check of bracing members
• Verification of load rating result
• Modeling of cross frame members
• Use of elastic links
• Load rating procedure

Who Attended
Structural engineers/Bridge engineers working on bridge design, load rating and other complex bridge analysis.

Benefits of this webinar
Attendees were able to expand their knowledge on how to model, analyze, and verify design and load rating results using Midas Civil. They were able to observe a live demonstration of how to easily and efficiently perform tasks such as modeling cross frame members to verifying load rating results. Most importantly, through this demonstration, attendees observed firsthand the comparative benefits of using advanced modeling and analysis methods versus inept conventional tools. Now, they are more than equipped with the tools and knowledge to start performing these advanced modeling and analysis methods.






Speaker :  Pankaj Shrestha

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-01-21



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