Steel Composite Tub Girder Bridge Design & Load Rating in Midas Civil

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Purpose of the Training
Tub or box girders are a popular alternative to I-girders for their pleasing appearance; offering a smooth, uninterrupted cross section. Minor superstructure members such as bracing, web stiffeners, utilities and other structural and non-structural components can be hidden from the view within the steel tub/box girder contributing to their aesthetic appeal. However, steel tub girder bridges offer more than looks, they also offer practical advantages such as: span range, stiffness, durability, and future maintenance.
Although tub/box girders provide numerous advantages over I-girder type, these unique bridges are difficult to accurately reflect in common design software or other finite element analysis software. A few of the technical and structural keys about the steel tub/box girder bridge are:

The training will cover the above technical issues in an all-in-one process. Engineers who have any interest in tub/box bridges should attend this training to better equip themselves to produce a more efficient process. During this training, greater emphasis will be put in the modeling and design code checking. Load rating section will be covered more in-depth in the seminar by Ashley Heredia for the same structure type - Curved Steel Tub Girder Bridge - Bridge No. 05561 in Glastonbury, Connecticut.



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Date : 2016-08-17



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