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Luis Vila
November 12, 2018

Load Rating of a Steel Composite Girder Bridge





Purpose of the Webinar
This presentation focused on the load rating of a 17 span steel composite girder bridge which carries I-95 over Metro North Railroad and local roads in Stamford, CT. midas Civil was used for the live load analysis and load rating primarily due to the complex span configuration/geometry of the bridge. In addition, midas Civil was used to investigate the causes of concrete deck pumping under live load along a diagonal expansion joint.


Presentation Slides






Load Rating of a Steel Composite Girder Bridge

Diagonal Expansion Joint, Truck and Lane Loading Location


Concrete Deck Pumping


Rating Resultsfor Fatigue Limit State



Topics Covered
Steel Composite Girder Modeling
Modeling Built-up Sections using General Section Design
Live Load Analysis
Load Rating
Analysis of Expansion Joint under Live Load









Speaker :  Luis Vila

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2016-04-07




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