Webinar: Application of Links in Bridge FE Models

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Author: Luis Vila

Publish Date: 18 Nov, 2020

Setting up links for bridge structure analysis is a very important step, yet often times it is implemented without too much consideration to its implication to the overall structural behavior. This webinar will include a discussion on the most commonly used types of links in bridge engineering industry. The webinar speaker, Luis Vila from GM2 Associates, will talk about the appropriate applications of various types of links in midas Civil. He will compare the structural effects resulted from using different insertion point offsets. Validation methods will also be covered. 


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The content of this presentation

  • Introduction to Links and Their Applications in Midas Civil
  • Types of Links
    • Elastic Links
      • Elastic - Rigid
      • Elastic - Compression / Tension Only
      • Elastic - General
    • Rigid Links
  • Model Validation
  • Modeling Considerations 
  • Q&A Session



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