Midas FEA NX: Modeling and Meshing Techniques for Irregular Geometries and Localized Zones

Complex , Detailed Analysis , Modeling Technique , boundary nonlinearity , midas FEA NX , boundary conditions , Meshing , Finite Element Analysis , meshing technique , contact analysis .

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Author: JC Sun

Publish Date: 15 Jul, 2021


A mesh can be created on 2D/3D geometries, and for detailed analysis, creating a good mesh would ensure stable performance. This webinar shows the modeling process for creating geometries as well as creating mesh on the bodies created/imported. The presenter would also touch upon some meshing tips for models involving complex geometries containing different materials. You can also look into webinar: simulating contact, concrete cracking, and tendon behavior in PT members for more details on how to simulate contact and material non-linearity. 




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