Webinar: Load Rating of Curved and Complex Geometry Composite Steel Bridges

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Author: Tom Less

Publish Date: 4 Nov, 2020

Generally a load rating is the bridge's ability to carry the live load for design and allowable legal vehicles, overloads, and determine weight postings. But how to perform the load rating of Curved and Complex Geometry Composite Steel Bridges in Midas Civil? Tom Less will expand the knowledge of Two-Dimensional/Grillage Modeling and Three-Dimensional Modeling and show how he sets up the inputs like rating design code, rating parameters, unbraced length, fatigue parameter, etc., for bridge rating design. 





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The content of this presentation

  • Load Rating Overview
  • Structure Type Recommended for Advanced Analysis
  • Midas Modeling Discussion and Pointers
    • Load Rating in MIDAS
    • Reporting and Equivalent LLDF
  • Q&A Session

Speaker Information


Tom Less, P.E.


Tom Less is a bridge engineer/senior associate and team leader at Woolpert. He is the president of the American Society of Highway Engineers Central Ohio Section. His expertise are in analysis and design of bridges, including complex geometry, historic rehabilitation, pedestrian suspension bridges, and non-standard materials. 


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