Tools for Efficient Modeling of Bridges with Unique Geometries

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Author: Zachary Taylor

Publish Date: 9 Nov, 2018






Presentation Summary
Unique Geometry

- 5-span curved concrete box girder
- 45-ft radius
- 10-% grade
- Atypical cross section box girder
- Efficient Modeling Tool

Creating a basic framework using wizards
- Modifying and refining quickly to produce an accurate model using Section Designer and Tapered Section Groups
- Creating difficult geometry bridge without the bridge and schedule concerns



LIcensed-Model in Real World-MIDASoft





Learning Objectives
Provide an example of how to quickly and efficiently create models for bridges with unique geometries that do not clearly fit into one of MIDAS' wizard input files. MIDAS wizards can be used to create a basic framework which can be easily refined and modified to create a model which will meet any unique need given the budget and schedule constraints.


Finite element software is an effective tool for modeling and analyzing structures that are complex and difficult to analyze using conventional methods. One concern that arises is the additional strain this can put on budgets and schedules. MIDAS has developed several wizards to streamline the modeling process for a wide variety of complex structures. However, some projects have geometries that cannot be fully defined using a wizard alone. MIDAS has many tools available that can be used to supplement the wizards to achieve accurate results in a timely manner.The Soaring Canyon Bridge in Park City, Utah is a five-span curved concrete box girder driveway bridge on a 45-foot radius and a 10 percent grade. The cross-section of the box girder also has a unique shape atypical of highway box girders. The complex geometry of the bridge does not fit into one of MIDAS’s wizards and modeling the structure using other methods could prove to be very inefficient. Utilizing a combination of some of MIDAS Civil’s powerful tools, Zachary efficiently created a model for this complex bridge.

In this webinar, Zachary will focus on how he arrived at his modeling approach and demonstrate how he created a basic framework which could be quickly modified and refined to produce an accurate model. Some of the modeling tools he will discuss include: wizards, MIDAS section designer, and tapered section groups. These tools have allowed him to create a model with difficult geometry without the anticipated budget and schedule concerns.






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Speaker :  Zachary Taylor

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2018-05-15



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