Post-Tensioned Box Girder Bridge Training

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Author: Angela Kim

Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2018




Click  here  to  download  the  technical  materials  used  during  the  training  session.

Purpose of the Training
The purpose of this training is to go over details that are necessary for post-tension box girder bridge applications. The existing tutorial manuals and webinars may cover the same features that will be discussed in this training. However, more details about (1) why and how each input are defined and (2) inter-relationships of the concrete time dependency, construction stage analysis and Prestressing are discussed in depth.


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Featured Topics
1. Wizard Modeling Approaches (various segmental wizards)
2. Manual Modeling Approaches (CAD file import, manual modeling)
3. Construction stage (structure, boundary and load groups) manually.
4. Concrete Time Dependency: compressive strength & creep/shrinkage definition
5. Prestressing: setting up prestress type and parameters, tendons, and prestress force/stress.
6. Approximate loss calculation as per AASHTO
7. Moving load: setting up lane, vehicle load, moving load case, multiple presence factor, distribution method, result review

Who Should Attend
If you have prestressed (post-tensioning) concrete bride projects...
If you were wondering about any of the below...
1. How to set up construction stage analysis
2. How to manage multiple post-tensioning sequences
3. How to differentiate multiple types of tensioning (pre-tensioning, post-tensioning, external)
4. How to reflect precast or pour-in-cast construction types.

Benefits of this Webinar
How the stage analysis, TDM, and Prestressing inputs were correlated will be fully explained. Therefore, the attendees will be able to fully understand how the construction stage analysis, time dependent material properties and Prestressing can be used to fully simulate the construction sequences.






Speaker :  Angela Kim

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-08-13



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