I-49 Lafayette Connector Pre & Post-Tensioned: Concrete U-Girders

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Author: Doug Midkiff

Publish Date: 13 Dec, 2018




The I-49 Lafayette Connector is a future 5.5-mile segment of limited-access highway that will extend I-49 from I-10 to the Lafayette Regional Airport. It is a critical transportation link for Lafayette and the

state as a whole. The I-49 Lafayette Connector features a  2.75 mile elevated freeway, in two segments, with 6 to 8 lanes to bring I-49 above grade through the heart of old Lafayette in Louisiana. In addition to the travel lanes, the elevated structure will vary in width to incorporate multiple on/off ramps and associated acceleration and deceleration lanes. Total segments lengths are 4,825-ft with 8 units for the south segment and 9,575-ft with 17 units for the north segment. The freeway is split into northbound and southbound structures within each segment for a total of four viaduct structures. Post-tensioned concrete U-Girders are being considered as one bridge alternative type to carry each of the viaducts. The project is currently in a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) phase.



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I-49 Lafayette Connector Pre and Post-Tensioned Design of Concrete U-Girders




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In our upcoming webinar, Doug Midkiff of AECOM will share his experience on girder design using Midas Civil. He will demonstrate how to use Midas Civil to model staged, pre and post-tensioned concrete U-girder bridges. In the presentation he will discuss using the programs built in Bridge Wizard, importing AutoCAD DXF files for girder sections and flared girder lines, construction staging and pre and post-tensioned strand profiles.




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Doug Midkiff, Structural Engineer, AECOM



Master of Science, Civil Engineering, Colorado School of Mines

Bachelor of Science, Civil Engineering, Colorado School of Mines


Past Projects

SH392 over I-25, Windsor, CO (Pre-Tensioned Concrete U-Girder)

Horseshoe Project, Dallas, TX (Post-Tensioned Concrete I-Beams)

Illinois Tollway, Downers Grove, IL (Concrete U-Girder Design Standards)





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Speaker :  Doug Midkiff

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2017-05-23





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