midas FEA NX: Simulate Concrete Cracking and Cracked Section Behaviors Using Various Approaches

midas FEA NX , FEA , concrete fracture , Structural Members , Geometric Nonlinearity , concrete nonlinear .

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Author: JC Sun

Publish Date: 14 Apr, 2022

JC Intro Session Blog Image (Video cover)In this MIDAS Intro Session, our MIDAS engineer introduced approaches to simulate cracked RC sections based on AASHTO LRFD/ACI codes, the fundamental material models to simulate concrete nonlinearity, and the approaches to visualize concrete cracks in the simulation tools.

  • Overview of concrete cracking behavior
  • The basic assumptions of concrete crack calculations in AASHTO/ACI codes
  • Simulating the effective flexural stiffness for cracked concrete walls using AASHTO/ACI codes
  • Use the nonlinear concrete material property to explicitly simulate concrete cracking
  • Concrete cracking direction, status, and width visualization.
Download the presentation file here: 

Presentation Slides


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