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JC Sun
April 14, 2022

midas FEA NX: Simulate Concrete Cracking and Cracked Section Behaviors Using Various Approaches

JC Intro Session Blog Image (Video cover)In this MIDAS Intro Session, our MIDAS engineer introduced approaches to simulate cracked RC sections based on AASHTO LRFD/ACI codes, the fundamental material models to simulate concrete nonlinearity, and the approaches to visualize concrete cracks in the simulation tools.

  • Overview of concrete cracking behavior
  • The basic assumptions of concrete crack calculations in AASHTO/ACI codes
  • Simulating the effective flexural stiffness for cracked concrete walls using AASHTO/ACI codes
  • Use the nonlinear concrete material property to explicitly simulate concrete cracking
  • Concrete cracking direction, status, and width visualization.
Download the presentation file here: 

Presentation Slides


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