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November 30, 2018

Ultimate & Serviceability analysis of Reinforced Concrete in midas FEA


What is this webinar for?

This webinar will focus on the application of the finite element method in the simulation of reinforced concrete behavior in 3D. The webinar will cover existing mathematical approaches, that are used to

describe compression, tension, shear and cracking in concrete as well as interaction with reinforcement. Total Strain Crack material model in midas FEA shows the detailed behavior of reinforced concrete members and joints in daily engineering practices. This will be demonstrated with examples from midas FEA users in the field of the bridge and general structure design. Finally, a practical example will be followed to demonstrate step by step procedure of modeling, analyzing and results from post-processing..






Whats are the key points?

1. Concrete 3D behavior in FEM
2. midas FEA overview for design and analysis of RC and PSC bridges
3. Users' examples of midas FEA project implementation
4. Total Strain Crack model for concrete (Smeared Crack Model)
5. Comparison with experimental tests
6. Working example of RC bridge pier cap design in 3D





    • How long did the analysis take to run for your bridge pier example?
      On my PC it took around 15 min. Mostly it depends on PC configuration. I used core i7 and 8Gb RAM.
    • Can you redecribe your ULS factor slide and 2) how is this applied in a sample project?
      If you are talking about slide #15 then you have to choose appropriate ULS analysis approach. For example the first approach (GRF) means that in FE model you define material properties for steel and concrete with the mean values. Then you solve the model and build equilibrium diagram (load-displacement diagram). From that diagram you can find the resistance factor for your external loads. Then you divide your external load (multiplied on resistance factor) by global resistance factor 1.27 and the obtained load will be the design resistance load.     
    • How do we define the contact properties between concrete and rebar?
      In design practice we provide perfect-bond assumption. So, nodes of rebar have rigid connection with the nodes of surrounding concrete. But midas FEA allows consider slip elastic/inelastic behaviour between reinforcement and concrete. But this modelling is considered mostly for research project.    
    • Can you show the properties for tensile model of concrete one more time? You showed the typical values for C40.  I am interested in the values, espeically variables of tensile model for other concrete strenghts such as C35 30.  are they avaialble in FEA manual?
      midas FEA has database of materials, but as for the Total Strain Crack material you should define parameters manually. All the concrete parameters can be defined using formulas that described in presentation.  



Licensed-FEA Examples-MIDASoft












Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc.

Category : Bridge

Software : midas FEA

Date : 2018-11-27




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