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Hatem M. Seliem
November 12, 2018

Steel Bridges & Precast Concrete U-Girder Bridges: Modeling & Analysis






Purpose of the Webinar
Modeling and analysis of steel bridges will be presented. The bridges include pony truss bridge, plate girder bridge, and vertical lift span truss bridge. The presentation will demonstrate the modeling and analysis process in Midas Civil, as well as the results. In addition, the presentation will include some of the preliminary results of the ongoing study to develop guidelines for analysis and modeling of U-shaped precast concrete girder bridges.


Featured Topics
- Modeling and analysis of pony truss bridges
- Modeling and analysis of steel plate girder bridge
- Guidelines for FEA modeling of U-shaped precast concrete girder bridges

Pony Truss Bridge, FEA Guidelines for U-Girder Bridges


Benefits of this Webinar
1. Modeling of steel truss bridges and plate girder bridges in Midas Civil
2. Effect of different modeling techniques.
3. Effect of modeling techniques on behavior of U-shaped precast concrete girders

All attendees will also receive a certificate for 1 Professional Development Hour.





Speaker :  Hatem M. Seliem, Ph.D., P.E.

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-12-10




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