Steel Connection design of frames and trusses

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 5 Mar, 2019


Webinar Information

This webinar is for engineers how has a deal with a steel details designing. In most cases for designing of bolted and welded connections used the analytical approach, that based on formulas, typical structural shapes of components and foreseeing stress-deformed state. Nowadays computation of structural details based on finite element method

simulation is widely used. Here 3D modeling and comprehensive results post-processing are considered. This allows designing connections more effectively, optimizing structural geometry and materials. 3D simulations uncover an understanding of real connection behavior as part of global structure behavior. Also, it can substitute most laboratory tests. 

In the webinar, based on different practical examples, will be demonstrated how to use midas FEA software for 3D simulation and analysis of steel bolted and welded connections. Will be shown the midas FEA functionally for creating of different type of models using shell and solid elements, nonlinear properties and boundaries and techniques of joint components load applying. 


Key Points

1. 3D sub-modeling of connections

2. Coupling of beam and shell elements

3. Coupling of shell and solid elements

4. Plates contact interaction

5. Modeling of bolts

6. Applying of connection local loads to components

7. Nonlinear properties and boundaries

8. MIDAS users's working examples







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Speaker :  MIDASoft

Category : Bridge

Software : midas FEA

Date : 2019-03-05



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