Truss Bridges - Analysis and Modeling Approaches

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Author: Daniel Baxter

Publish Date: 12 Nov, 2018



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 Speaker Information: Daniel Baxter

Purpose of the Webinar
Analysis and Modeling Approaches for Truss Bridges

This presentation discussed the analysis and modeling of truss bridges. Topics such as analyzing truss bridges with pinned or fixed member end conditions, choosing between 2D or 3D analysis, and techniques for integrating detailed finite element modeling of specific regions of truss bridges into 3D models were discussed. AASHTO LRFD code provisions for determining the strength of built-up compression members with lacing or batten plates was also covered.



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Featured Topics

The following questions will be addressed during the session.

1. Can you model monolithic frame/culvert structures? & How?
2. How do you model wing walls & walls at an angle?
3. How do you handle arch?
4. How do you reflect soil? How do you apply soil springs?
5. How do you apply loadings for the culvert structures? Can you apply trapezoidal/prismatic loadings?
6. How do you obtain moment frame?
7. Can I design or rate culvert structures?

Models: Innerbelt Bridge, Milton-Madison Bridge

Featured Topics
- Analysis and modeling of truss bridges
- Determining appropriate fixity conditions for truss members
- When to use different modeling and analysis approaches
- Application of FEA for specific regions of truss bridges

Who Attended
Structural engineers/Bridge engineers working on bridge design, seismic evaluation, and other complex bridge analysis.

Benefits of this webinar
1. Designing complex truss structures
2. Performing rehabilitation on existing trusses
3. Undertaking detailed finite element modeling of specific regions of truss bridges.
4. Determining the strength of built-up compression members using AASHTO LRFD code provisions.

All attendees received a certificate for 1 AIA approved Professional Development Hour.





Speaker :  Daniel Baxter, PE, SE

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-07-15



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