Load Rating and Rehabilitation of the New River Gorge Bridge

Load Rating , Project Application , Complex , AASHTO , Truss .

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Author: Travis Butz

Publish Date: 24 Oct, 2018



Insider's Perspective: Travis Butz



Purpose of the Webinar
Load Rating and Rehabilitation of the New River Gorge Bridge

This webinar discussed the methods used for the analysis, conducted using a three dimensional model in Midas Civil software. The model incorporated wind and temperature loading, along with nine different rating trucks. The results of the analysis were used to calculate rating factors for over 4500 members and over 1800 gusset plates and connections. The rehabilitation plans which were then in development were also discussed. These plans include steel repairs to the superstructure and substructure and bearing rehabilitation.


Presentation Slides





New River Gorge Bridge in midas CIVIL, Walk through effect


Featured Topics
3D Finite Element Modeling

• Temperature loading on nine different rating trucks

• Analysis and rating factors for members, gusset plates and connections

Who Attended
Structural engineers/Bridge engineers working on bridge design, load rating, and other complex bridge analysis.

Benefits of this webinar
1. Modeling methods used for a large steel arch structure
2. Use of the Midas Civil moving load analysis capabilities
3. Use of the Midas Civil linear buckling analysis capabilities
4. Extracting concurrent load cases from the model for connection analysis

All attendees received a certificate for 1 AIA approved Professional Development Hour.







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Speaker :  Travis Butz, PE

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2015-03-18



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