Two Span Composite Precast Beam and Deck Bridge Wizard

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 6 Mar, 2019

Learn how to model two span composite precast beam and deck bridge using the prestressed bridge modeling wizard. See below for the structure scope and download the manual. The bridge is based on AASHTO girders and uses SI unit. 

Download Manual

Wizard Modeling Examples
(different from the tutorial manuals, US Unit)

Download Example Models



  • Pre Processing
    • Material Properties
    • Section Properties
    • PSC Bridge wizard - Layout Tab
    • PSC Bridge wizard - Section Tab
    • PSC Bridge wizard - Tendon tab
    • PSC Bridge wizard - Load tab
    • PSC Bridge wizard - Construction Stage tab
    • Model Generation
    • Time Dependent Material Properties
    • Reinforcement
    • Moving Load Cases
    • Composite Section for Construction Stages
    • Load Combinations
  • Post Processing
    • Results
  • Design
    • PSC Design as per AASHTO




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