Essential Soil-Structure Interaction for Bridge

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Author: Edgar de los Santos

Publish Date: 9 Nov, 2018



Purpose of the Training

Summary of Session
Two exactly same bridges can have different load distribution if they are constructed in soils having different properties. This is why the consideration of the soil properties should be mandatory when generating the finite element model for a structure.

With the soil-structure interaction, the behavior of the soil is not estimated, it is obtained. This gives us more accurate results. This third session will cover the importance of soil-structure interaction and the capabilities of midas Civil in this type of analysis.


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Key Topics

  • Soil-structure interaction is required for bridges to improve the accuracy of the results and for cost-effective design.
  • The behavior of soil must not be estimated but be obtained with the full model.
  • This session will cover the capability of midas Civil in this type of analysis along with seismic analysis.

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Speaker :  Edgar de los Santos

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2016-10-13



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