midas GTS NX: Modeling Soil-Structure Interaction - Piles, Abutments, and Retaining Structures

Soil Structure Interaction , Pile , retaining wall , midas GTS NX .

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Author: JC Sun

Publish Date: 19 May, 2022

JC Intro Session Blog ImageIn this MIDAS Intro Session, our MIDAS engineer introduced the modeling of Soil-structure interaction (SSI) which is a physical phenomenon in which the structure behaves in connection with the soil when an external load is applied to the structure. SSI is needed for bridges and buildings to improve the accuracy of the structural analysis results and for cost-effective design. Two exactly same structures can have different load distributions if they are constructed in different soils.

  • Mechanical classifications of soil-structure interaction
  • Soil structure interaction analysis methods (direct/substructure)
  • Mesh generation for piles and abutments
  • Generating point spring for the substructure method
  • Soil simulation using the direct method
  • Results of settlements, distribution of loads, and moments in the piles

Download the model file and tutorial here: 

Retaining Wall Tutorial

Model File Start

Model File Finish


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