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Nathan Van Etten
November 09, 2018

Multiple Curved Steel Girder Structures with Steel Straddle Piers


Presentation Key points
1. Analysis method, results, and post-processing:
- Influence lines and load distributions in 3D
- Comparison with the conventional design method
- Analysis result comparison with industry standard software
- Construction stage analysis

2. Deck pouring sequence & Camber

3. Efficient modeling process for complex geometry:
- Wizard
- Easy modification for Straddle piers
- Modeling curved steel bridge structure


Short 3D Rendering Clip




Presentation Overview
Performing design and load rating calculations for unique bridges structures presents multiple complications for standard design software. As bridge geometry becomes increasingly complex, the determination of influence lines and load distributions in 3 dimensions cannot be determined using conventional design methods. MIDAS Civil provides an efficient tool to analyze unique structures for these issues.

Nathan has successfully used MIDAS Civil to analyze multiple curved steel girder structures. During this upcoming webinar he will demonstrate how MIDAS’s easy-to-use wizard input files can be efficiently modified to account for straddle piers. Additional topics of discussion will include performing a construction stage analysis and the effects of deck pouring sequence on final bridge cambers.

In order to provide a model verification, Nathan will include a comparison of MIDAS Civil’s analysis results against industry standard software. This seminar will be useful to engineers who are interested in more efficient methods of modeling curve steel bridge structures.









Speaker : Nathan Van Etten, PE

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2018-04-25




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