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Gregor Wollmann
January 31, 2020

Network Tied Arches by Gregor Wollmann at HNTB

Pioneered in the 1960's by Norwegian Engineer Per Tveit, network tied arches offer significant advantages in terms of stiffness, material consumption, and resiliency under extreme loading when compared to traditional tied arches with vertical hangers. The structural system is characterized by two families of longitudinally inclined hangers, such that hangers cross each other to form a network, resulting in a configuration that combines the advantages of arch, truss, and cable stayed bridges.




Over the past twelve years Gregor Wollmann has been involved in the design and construction of four network arch bridges in the United States, including the world's largest bridge of this type. In this presentation he will explain the advantages of this system and share his experiences gained on these projects.


Presentation Title

Network Tied Arches


Featured Topics

                    • Background and History of Network Tied Arch Bridges
                    • Structural System of Network Tied Arch Bridges
                    • Design for Accidental Hangerloss
                    • Construction Simulation
                    • Deck Systems and Tie Girder Redundancy
                    • Hangers and Their Connections
                    • Erection Engineering and Hanger Tuning
                    • Construction Methods

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Speaker Information

Name & Title

Gregor Wollmann, Structural Engineer at HNTB


Master of Science and PhD in Structural Engineering at The University of Texas at Austin

Bachelor of Science in Structural Engineering at Technical University Vienna





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