Webinar: Best Practices when Considering Post-Tensioned Girder Bridges

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Author: Hatem M. Seliem

Publish Date: 2 Apr, 2020

Continuous post-tensioned bridges are very efficient structures. By eliminating the need for deck joints, this requires less maintenance, which is a significant saving in the long-term. Precast prestressed concrete (PPC) girder bridges are made continuous by using cast-in-place closure joints combined with continuous draped post-tensioning tendons. The webinar will present the proper modeling of continuous post-tensioned girder bridges utilizing staged construction for the time dependency. And checking the load rating by using the resulting internal forces received from the detailed finite element analysis.

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01    Bridge Description

                              • Continuous, post-tensioned precast girder bridge

02    Finite Element Modeling

                              • Staged-construction
                              • Tendon profiling

03    Refined Analysis

                              • Primary and Secondary moments
                              • Losses

04    Load Rating

                              • Permanent Load
                              • Vehicular Load




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