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December 27, 2022

Midas GTS NX: Moving train load time history analysis




Detail of this Session
Train vibration is periodic loading phenomenon, which occurs as a result of train wheels passing above the ground surface. The period is related to axle interval and train velocity.
The characteristics of train vibration are affected by various factors such as vehicle, rail track, supporting structures, ground, submerged structure etc. These factors are interactively applied, generated, and spread. And it appears as complex vibration phenomenon.
In this tutorial, the following main concepts will be explained:

• Generate 3D meshes by extruding from 2D meshes
• Eigenvalue analysis
• Generate moving train load
• Analysis result -- surrounding vibration effect and vertical ground settlement.
• Analysis result -- Create time history curve




Speaker :  MIDASoft, Inc.

Category : Geotechnical

Software : midas GTS NX

Date : 2014-01-22




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