Midas GTS NX: Analysis and Construction of Cross Passage of Delhi Metro

Underground , Excavation , Consolidation , Research Paper , midas GTS NX .

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021

YuyouYang, QinghongZhou,  HonganLi, XuegangHuang, and XiaomingTu


"This paper focuses on the face stability analysis of Double-O Tube shield tunnel. This kind of analysis is significant to ensure the safety of workers and reduce the influence on the surrounding environment. The key point of the stability analysis is to determine the supporting pressure applied to the face by the shield. A collapse failure will occur when the supporting pressure is not sufficient to prevent the movement of the soil mass towards the tunnel. A three-dimensional collapse failure mechanism was presented in this paper. Based on the mechanism of a single circular shield tunnel, the mechanism of Double-O-Tube shield tunnel was established by using the fact that both of the mechanisms are symmetrical. Then by means of the kinematic theorem of limit analysis, the numerical results were obtained, and a design chart was provided. The finite difference software FLAC 3D was applied to investigate the face failure mechanism of DOT shield tunnel established in this paper; the critical supporting pressures of the collapse failure mechanism in different strata (sand and silt) were calculated. Through comparative analysis, the theoretical values were very close to the numerical values. This shows that the face failure mechanism of DOT shield tunnel is reasonable, and it can be applied to the sand and silt strata."


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