Midas Gen: midas Gen & Design+ 2020 v 1.1 Release: New Features

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Author: MIDASoft

Publish Date: 27 Dec, 2021


midas Gen and Design+ 2020 v1.1 have been released on August 2019.

This will briefly introduce and demonstrate newly implemented features in midas Gen and Design+ 2019 v1.1  as shown below.


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Enhancements for GEN & Design+ Include but are not limited to the following features:

  • Added “Update Rebar Option” in shell/slab/wall design
  • Improvement of graphic report for column design
  • Specify Moment-Rotation Hinge Properties with multi curve
  • Added name box in thickness properties.
  • Bilinear type spring stiffness for surface spring support
  • Force/Stress contouring based on center value of plate elements
  • Added "Node" icon in tool bar

Check out 5 other updates on the release note!

Update Rebar OptionImprovement of column designSpecify Moment-Rotation hinge propertiesAdded name box in thickness propertiesBilinear type spring stiffnessForce/Stress contouring

Added node icon





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