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Tomas Tubelskis
March 13, 2019

East Cliff Viaduct Assessment and Bearing Replacement



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Manual Outline

    1. Introduction
    2. East Cliff Viaduct Background
    3. Multi-cellular deck Behavior
      1. General deck behavior 
      2. Bending stiffness
      3. Torsion constant
  1. Grillage model in MIDAS Civil
    1. Basics of grillage modelling
    2. Grillage in MIDAS Civil
  2. Sectional property calculator
    1. General use
    2. East Cliff sectional properties
  3. Dead and Live loads
    1. Application of Dead Loads
    2. Application of Live Loads
  4. Using tree menu to simplify outputs
  5. Outputs
    1. Combinations
    2. Maximum/coexisting forces
    3. Maximum/coexisting reactions 
  6. Bearing schedule
    1. Introduction to bearing schedule parameters
  7. Results 
    1. Comparing results from two different models
  8. Conclusion

    Benefits of using Midas Civil on East Cliff Viaduct Bearing Replacement Scheme

    1. Versatility
    2. DMRB - BD21/01 and BD37/01 and Eurocode available 
    3. Easy to amend such complex model
    4.  Efficient MIDAS UK Support team
    5. Comparable outputs with CAT3 checker who used space frame model




Speaker Profile


tomas tubelskis

Tomas Tubelskis

  • MEng Civil Engineering at Strathclyde University, Glasgow
  • 5+ years of experience in bridge engineering
  • Experience in design and assessment of variety of highway structures
  • Grillage analysis
  • Experience in bidding


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Speaker :  Tomas Tubelskis

Category : Bridge

Software : midas Civil

Date : 2019-03-13




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