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Seungwoo Lee, Ph.D., P.E., S.E.
January 05, 2022

Expert Tips: Creep Analysis 4

Creep Analysis 3

The blog article of Creep Analysis 3 showed how Dr. Ghali et al. explained the creep analysis by flexibility methods.


To better understand the creep behavior, solve the previous example in a less efficient way. Here, different sign conventions will be applied.


Sign Convention


At time t0, the immediate displacements/rotations for member 1 due to uniform loads are



At time t1, the immediate displacements/rotations due to uniform loads at span 2 are (MIDAS file ex4.2A)


The signs in the table are according to the global axis. Converting into element local axis,


Restrained displacements/rotations are



Restrained member end forces are


The remaining calculations are the same as the previous example.



Download File


Download File



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