MIDAS Expert Webinar: Comparative Study Of Rocking Bridge Piers With Ductile And Isolated Bridge Piers

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Final Design and Uplift Mitigation for a 300′ radius Steel Curved Girder Bridge

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Author: Mohammad Saifuzzaman

Publish Date: 9 Nov, 2023

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During this session, Mohammad Saifuzzman P.Eng, PE - Engineering Manager at Parsons, will discuss how seismic energy dissipation is a crucial element in the design of earthquake-resistant structures. Discover the advantages of ductile design, widely used in piers and columns of current seismic-resistant bridges. Learn about isolation bearings, including lead rubber bearings (LRB), friction pendulum bearings (FPB), and vital seismic protection systems for buildings and bridges.

For all North American engineers, you can also join our next sessions by signing up here www.midasoft.com/midas-expert-network.

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